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    Müh. (Elk./Bilg.)
    A solved example from the "The Preliminary SAT / National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT / NMSQT)" practice
    (Page 61, Question 8)
    Alternate Solution:
    The worst (highest) daily temperature for selling hot chocolate is 0 = 456 - 3T ⇒ T = 152°F
    Therefore no selling is possible for any increase of daily temperature. A and C are wrong.
    For a decrease of 3°F, T = 152 - 3 = 149°F and the increase in the number of the hot chocolates sold is n = 456 - 3·149 = 9, so Choice B is also wrong. Then the correct choice is D.
    Check for D Just In Case: n = 456 - 3(152 - 1) = 3 is the increase per day for every decrease of 1°F.

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