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    Müh. (Elk./Bilg.)
    Could any sincerity be expected from people who had adopted the following principle: "The Party respects religious thoughts and religious doctrines"? Was not this principle the standard for all those who pursued personal aims while they allured and deceived ignorant, fanatical, and superstitious people? Has not the Turkish nation for centuries been dragged into endless suffering and the pestilential swamps of obscurity under this banner, rescue only being possible through great sacrifices? Didn't those who appeared under the same flag but who wanted to be regarded as progressive Republicans follow the deep design of provoking the religious fanaticism of the nation, putting them thus completely against the Republic, progress, and reform?

    This paragraph __________ .

    A) is about the policy principles of progressive republican parties on religion
    B) explains how the Turkish nation handled theist faith
    C) argues the political parties that focus on disclosing their religious programs
    D) criticizes the political intentions that covertly target abusing religion
    E) concerns the methods for misleading people to fallacies of credence

    Correct Choice: D (criticizes the political intentions that covertly target abusing religion)

    "The Great Speech" by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

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