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    Müh. (Elk./Bilg.)
    Six months after the hurricanes Irma and Maria ______ islands in the Caribbean, some volunteers spent time in Dominica to find out how they ______.

    A) devastated / are recovering
    B) devastated / had recovered
    C) have devastated / have recovered
    D) devastate / will recover
    E) had devastated / recover

    Correct Choice: A
    (Page 4, Question 10)

    B is wrong because of time inconsistency. The second clause is about something after the hurricanes.
    C is wrong because of incorrect usage of present perfect tense.
    D is wrong because the first clause is about an event that must have happened in the past.
    E is wrong because the second clause must also be about an event which must have occured in the past after the hurricanes.

    Note: The typo of a word in the MEB document ("Caribbean" with double r letters) has been corrected.

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